Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Idea for best sequel in the world

Since the world first knew about the fantastic, and equally weird, friendship between Patrice Evra, Ji-Sung Park and Carlos Tevez, the whole world of entertainment was on their knees begging Sir Alex for a slice of the action. "A new version of The Three Stooges!" Hollywood cried, Sir Alex denied.

Now that Tevez has left for another network, I mean football team. The super trio have been split, Uncle Alex has warned the boys not to hang around with Carlos, they are no longer a tripod. Patrice is taking the "Theatre Of Dreams" tag too much to heart, saying he wants staring in a comedy sketch show with him BFF Ji-Sung.
The Three Stooges script has been thrown away...but there still could be a movie.

Twins II:

"Only Uncle Alex can tell them apart".

When Park arrives at the Theatre of Dreams and strikes up an unlikely friendship with team mate Evra, there's one thing he doesn't realise, they are in fact TWINS.

Along with step-brother Tevez, the trio set out on fantastic adventures around the world with Uncle Alex, that is until Unlce Alex's long lost son, the evil Welsh Dragon (played by Mark Hughes) and his gang of Devils (Ince, Prunier, Dumb Bruce and Dumber Pallister) kidnap Tevez.

Now the unlikely twins would come up with a plan to save Carlos and defeat the evil Welsh Dragon.

This romantic comedy/family comedy with leave you saying "What the face, they don't even look like each other?!?" and "Aaaaaaaaaaaaw" till the end credits.

Coming to cinemas in 2010...pre-season, before the tour of Asia.

Things that are not my idea of fun. Part One

ASDA Mini banana wheat bisks

The name sounds so bland that I couldn't find the energy to google a picture...
This was no doubt some asshat's idea to gain money from the idea that people like to chop a fresh banana on their wheatabix in the morning. Obviously in an attempt to save money, the banana part was left out of the cereal.