Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Shot The Pilot - EP One: Death Of History

I Shot The Pilot are a new bands from four old wise heads, featuring former members of Leicestershire icons Have A Go Hero. Death Of History has four tracks on it, all of which are songs with singing and music, a little bit of bass, guitar and some guy pounding away at his drums. Quick frankly that should get you listening but if you need the opinion of someone more respectful, then read below.

Sir David Frederick Attenborough has been championing the band recently and had these words to say; "Sometimes the vocals are so loud that only the Great Horned Owl is the only species on this planet that can handle it, obviously at a safe distance, in it's homeland of South America...and I should know, I've met a few of these Owl chaps".

I Shot The Pilot - EP One: Death Of History (Stream and free download)


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wilson Fisk - The Bear Cub EP

I really did mean to post this late last year/early this year when the EP was made as a free download by the band but, like everything, it passed me by.

Wilson Fisk are a foursome from Exeter/Watford/Kent (UK) and play some lovely indie rock much like Calories or a more melodic version of Blakfish, actually it's pretty hard to say these sound like (urgh, I hate comparing) just one band. In fact there's probably a handful of American bands that I could try and pin them down to...but I'm just too lazy and I would rather spend my time listening to this.

RIYL: Calories, Blakfish, Polar Bear Club, Bronze Medals, Switzerland, Secondsmile.

Preview of 'You Should Write Manuals'

The Bear Cub EP on bandcamp
Wilson Fisk myspace

The 255s - Broadcasting

Recorded back in June 2009, The 255s were looking to release Broadcasting in physical form. In Jan/Feb 2010, they're still searching.

This has kindly been put up for free download until that situation is sorted, from what I've read, it might only be a limited run. So what better way to find a new favourite band?

"The 255s are 3 piece DIY rock from Manchester and Liverpool. Formed from the Ashes of For Old Times Sake and The Machines will Take over."

RIYL: The Weakerthans, Piebald, Shermer, Superchunk, Failures Union.

Preview of 'Life In A Plastic Lens'

Broadcasting zip
The 255s myspace
The 255s last.fm

Free The Tupolev Ghost On If You Make It

You heard me, in connection with lovely Kev at Big Scary Monsters, you can get the Self Titled from The Tupolev Ghost for free from the If You Make It website (let's be honest, most of the stuff I link is from IYMI).

The Tupolev Ghost were a post-hardcore band from Cambridge (UK), I think they had a few line up changes in the few years they were together, they did sound different on the the two other EPs released before this mini album. Anyway, they pretty much did no wrong, signed to one of the best UK record labels, played Fest last year, played with so many other sick bands...I'm not even sure why anyone would want such a good thing come to an end.

You can still buy this mini album, one of their older EPs, the split (with Brontide, Shapes and Holy State) plus other merch from them or Big Scary Monsters...both will be linked at the bottom.

RIYL: Great British bands like Blakfish, Meet Me In St. Louis, Mclusky, Spy vs Spy and international bands like Hot Snakes, Fugazi and Mutiny On The Bounty.

Here's a preview, 'Giant Fucking Haystacks' because it was my favourite song of 2009:

Find the record here on If You Make It
Big Scary Monsters
The Tupolev Ghost Myspace
Band website