Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Wilson Fisk - The Bear Cub EP

I really did mean to post this late last year/early this year when the EP was made as a free download by the band but, like everything, it passed me by.

Wilson Fisk are a foursome from Exeter/Watford/Kent (UK) and play some lovely indie rock much like Calories or a more melodic version of Blakfish, actually it's pretty hard to say these sound like (urgh, I hate comparing) just one band. In fact there's probably a handful of American bands that I could try and pin them down to...but I'm just too lazy and I would rather spend my time listening to this.

RIYL: Calories, Blakfish, Polar Bear Club, Bronze Medals, Switzerland, Secondsmile.

Preview of 'You Should Write Manuals'

The Bear Cub EP on bandcamp
Wilson Fisk myspace

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