Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Shot The Pilot - EP One: Death Of History

I Shot The Pilot are a new bands from four old wise heads, featuring former members of Leicestershire icons Have A Go Hero. Death Of History has four tracks on it, all of which are songs with singing and music, a little bit of bass, guitar and some guy pounding away at his drums. Quick frankly that should get you listening but if you need the opinion of someone more respectful, then read below.

Sir David Frederick Attenborough has been championing the band recently and had these words to say; "Sometimes the vocals are so loud that only the Great Horned Owl is the only species on this planet that can handle it, obviously at a safe distance, in it's homeland of South America...and I should know, I've met a few of these Owl chaps".

I Shot The Pilot - EP One: Death Of History (Stream and free download)


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