Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The 255s - Broadcasting

Recorded back in June 2009, The 255s were looking to release Broadcasting in physical form. In Jan/Feb 2010, they're still searching.

This has kindly been put up for free download until that situation is sorted, from what I've read, it might only be a limited run. So what better way to find a new favourite band?

"The 255s are 3 piece DIY rock from Manchester and Liverpool. Formed from the Ashes of For Old Times Sake and The Machines will Take over."

RIYL: The Weakerthans, Piebald, Shermer, Superchunk, Failures Union.

Preview of 'Life In A Plastic Lens'

Broadcasting zip
The 255s myspace
The 255s

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AndyGI said...

Thanks for the post, we've now finally sent this off to press. It should be back next week.

If people downloaded it and want to pre-order it, the link to our big cartel page is

Andy (The 255s)