Thursday, 17 December 2009


BronzeAge, who's first recorded song was featured on my recent podcast, have made the rest of their demo's available to download in a nice little package. I was eager to hear what these guys sound like, considering the four are ex-members of Public Relations Exercise, the track "Amberola" didn't disappoint. The other three songs are all aces too, "Ghana" is a personal highlight for me.

Here's a little snippet from the bands bio:
"The band’s sound is a distinct departure from their previous output; combining epic sound-scapes with angular indie riffs and dual vocal interplay. Early demos have now been recorded by Field Records owner and producer Tim Waterfield. Expect to hear music and gigs later in the year."

You can find the EP from either their myspace,, the facebook fan page or through Soundcloud. YEAAAAH!

Also, if you live in or around Leicester, catch the boys supporting LaFaro at the Firebug on January 20th.

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