Friday, 4 December 2009

thesearchivesaremonuments podcast: volume one (Dec 2009) here!


1. Switzerland - Fat, Single and Ready To Mingle (3.04)
Derby (UK). Switzerland play the jamz, much like Cap'n Jazz/Colour/Tubelord.

2. Men - Calculators (1.41)
Norwich (UK). Men play gruff punk, have great beards but still love a catchy pop twist.

3. Bronze Medals - I Lost The Map (3.52)
Nuneaton (UK). Bronze Medals are the English Minus The Bear...kinda.

4. Mane Horse - Bugsby (2.27)
Fresno, California (US). Some of that great Indie that sounds like it's from the old Midwest.

5. Superman Revenge Squad - Idiot Food (2.45)
Croydon (UK). Full on one man singer-songwriter assault armed with just a acoustic guitar.

6. BronzeAge - Amberola (5.35)
Leicester (UK). Ex Public Relations Exercise boys gone soft.

7. These Waves - Want Owt (2.40)
Derby (UK). Post-Hardcore with all the hooks.

8. Footnotes - I've Never Been To Easter Island (2.34)
Clementon, New Jersey (US). Another perfect slice of emo from the US.

9. Kids In Cars - Lord Of The Land (5.13)
Leicestershire (UK). A bit like Arcade Fire mixing it with Radiohead...but with haunting lyrics.

10. Mark Fernando - This Is My Day! (2.55)
Nottingham/Leicester (UK). Like loads of great bands mixed into one man and you can even sing along.

All music was used after permission was granted by the bands and artists. All the songs featured are the bands own work.

Please check out all the bands myspace pages and support them, most of them have music they're willing to give away for free, some have records coming out in the near future so get behind that like I will.

Thanks for listening and a special thanks to all the bands and artists that got involved. Volume two is already being made!

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