Monday, 30 November 2009


This is where I "big up" friends websites and their blogs so you can pay them a nice visit.

Tracks Monkeys With Lasers
This is a blog, a blog about reviews, album reviews, bands that have had a live review and are pissed off about it, lots of session stuff and photos (wow, I need photos).
TMWL is run by a young chap called Mark, he's a good bean, even though he's originally from Coventry, he writes better than I do.
Tracks monkeys with lasers

Estrealla is a blog about a young girl called Sandy, Sandy works in PR in both London and New York (I think?). She seems like a very busy person and it reminds me of that film with Simon Pegg in, not Shaun Of Dead, the other one. Anyway, check it out, there's loads of fashion stuff, music, films and other all round good stuff. (Plus there's pictures of women on there).

Waste Your Youth
Does exactly what it says on the tin, apart from Matt, who writes on this site, doesn't actually have any youth left (some argue he never had a youth in the first place) and would rather steal yours in the disguise of a website. There is another writer on the site, he's too good that you're not even allowed to see his face or know his real name, most just know his as "Moff".
Waste Your Youth


Sandy Samra said...

I'm intrigued.... which film?? x

ReclaimYourBrain said...

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. You are the female version of Simon Pegg...but like, in a different industry.

It makes perfect sense.

sandy.samra said...

I haven't seen the film...x

ReclaimYourBrain said...

OMG...well I guess it doesn't have 'Twilight' in the title.

Matt said...

If I wasn't too old to get the energy together to be outraged by your description you have written for me I would be.