Monday, 30 November 2009

thesearchivesaremonuments Podcast volume one...

is almost ready! I'm waiting on one band getting back to me with a track right now, I could possibly leave it and use it for the next one (some time next year by my working) but I really want it on this.

Big thanks to all those bands who wanted to get involved...and got excited by it. I've got a few Midland bands kicking it on this, two American bands and a few others from various parts of the UK.

Other stuffs:

I've got lots of write ups and focusing on a few bands that are sitting on my "things I've started, so I'll finish" list. A few of those feature on my podcast. Maybe one or two interviews if things go to plan.

The nice man at Audio Antihero, known to people as Jamie, has sent me a few links to listen to his labels first two releases, Benjamin Shaw and Nosferatu D2. I'm super excited about that, I'm a fan of both, so I'm going to review both of them and try to write sentences that make some kind of sense.

Also, I have nice EP from a young man called Gregk Foley to get through and type some nice words, he's a young singer songwriter from Horsham and from what I've heard on his myspace, I'm going to like this a lot.

Other than the millions of little bits piling up on me, I've got the Nightmare Before Christmas ATP coming up in a few sleeps, so I'm far too excited for that right now.


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