Monday, 30 November 2009

Leicester Calling

The "Leicester Calling" compilation album is now officially available. Please download the podcast and tell lots of people about it. You will find links to the podcast at, together with players for the individual tracks. If you can help promote it then please do.

Leicester Calling - Out Now

Leicester Calling is the latest compilation album from Leicester's Pineapster music community. Twenty tracks from new and established bands who are based in Leicester and Leicestershire - and sometimes further afield - and who all contribute to the local music scene. The album is now available for FREE via the Pineapster Recordings podcast. Follow the links on or search the iTunes music store for "pineapster".

Vol. 1

‘Unison’ by Autohype (3:38)
‘Pirates’ by Penfold Gate (3:54)
‘Probably Will’ by Produkty (2:36)
‘Forgotten’ by Themselves (2:05)
‘Plastic Painted Gold’ by The Chairmen (3:44)
‘Now We Are Weapons’ by Shortwave Fade (4:57)
‘Oblong’ by Logfox (3:35)
‘Simplest of Tools’ by Black Page Turns (3:47)
‘OK On The OK’ by Kill Chaos (3:22)
‘Amberola’ by Bronze Age (5:35)

Vol. 2

‘Shakerley’ by Distant Guns (5:15)
‘No-One Is Angry Just Afraid’ by Kyte (4:41)
‘Fakers’ by 40 Horses (4:24)
‘The Balloon’ by Free Control (5:29)
‘Six Pint Personality’ by The Tea Monkeys (2:56)
‘1965’ by The Friends Of Leonard (4:29)
‘So It Goes' by Kids in Cars (4:26)
‘Cold’ by Mentira (4:18)
‘Happiness Machines’ by Moscow Youth Cult (5:45)

Cover picture of Kyte by David Wilson Clarke.

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