Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Footnotes - Everything Last Year

"Dance and be happy!"

The two youngsters from New Jersey are back...this time with their first full length. An eight track full length to be precise, three tracks taken from the bands previous releases, Winter EP and Friends Demo - Boy Hair, I've Never Been To Easter Island and Sean's Song (acoustic on this record) - plus five brand new songs.

The newly recorded songs don't disappoint, sticking to the same formula as previous material, which means that we all win. Not too twiddly as to be confused with a American Football fanboy band, loads of comparisons here though...So check out if you like; Everyone Everywhere, Little Kingdoms, Pirouette, Algernon Cadwallader, Bob Tilton, Avast...etc times infinity.

01. It's Brokay (You'll Get It Fuck Right Someday)
02. Boy Hair
03. Reverse Speaking
04. Girls
05. Goofy Looking Birds
06. I've Never Been To Easter Island
07. It Gets Better
08. Sean's Song (Acoustic)

All in all it's pretty RAD.

download for free here
Footnotes Myspace here here

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