Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Musings: Iron Chic / Thousandaires

I wanted to group these two bands both together because I basically got into both of them though If You Make It and because I didn't want to feel like I had to write a whole lot.

So this is the demo that's been floating around the wide world webnets since 2008 but I only became aware of how awesome this band is on their next release entitled 'Shitty Rambo'.

Iron Chic's formula are part Latterman, Small Arms Dealer and a sprinkle of Agent, so it's already awesome right there. If you were (and still are, in a listening sense) into Latterman then this is the one for you for sure. Five songs of dynamic Punk Rock that even touch some melodic hardcore or even '90s influenced emo like Braid and that. It's the sort of sound that most bands only find on their second 7" or EP, this right here, is straight off the bat from a demo.

RIYL: Latterman, Get Bent, Polar Bear Club

"Steel Wall Method"

Download the Iron Chic Demo (and donate to IYMI) here at If You Make It
Iron Chic on
Iron Chic on myspace
Buy Shitty Rambo on Dead Broke Records

Thousandaires comprises members of Get Bent, Bridge and Tunnel and Halo Fauna. The 'Land Seal Demo' is just three tracks of solid indie punk rock, it actually makes me want to sing along every time. Really feel weird for saying this but...kinda reminds me of Bear vs Shark too.

RIYL: All of the above.

"20 40 60 80 90"

'Land Seal Demo' on If You Make It

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