Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Small Brown Bike - Composite Vol. 1

So we've all heard the Small Brown Bike are back, writing and touring since late last year...well I guess it's one of those things that you don't 100% believe until you've either seen them live or heard new material, well happy times, here's some of the latter.

This 7" courtesy of No Idea Records dropped on 31st October last year, it's taken me a while to even mention it, let alone talk about it (I was secretly hoping for news of newer material and more shows). Anyway here goes.

The first track on the 7" 'When We Run' sounds just like anything amazing SMB have done before, it's quite hard to believe that this is the first new bit of material the boys have recorded since 2003's 'River Bed'. It fits in as though their last record was released last week. The bass rumbles and the vocals are unmistakable to any SMB fan and part time listener alike. Fast yet sludgy, melodic yet rough, it's starting to sound like a bit of an old school gruff anthem too.

On the flip side 'Hourglass' is the other song on this record and it sounds a little less produced, maybe rushed, it's still Small Brown Bike but yet sounds like it's lacking something. More duelling vocals on this, kinda sounds like one of the newer "gruff types" that always recommends you. Still, I could never hate it, not with that name on the front of the record.

Listen to it here on No Idea Records

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